Looking for the missing piece to your Microsoft Teams puzzle?  

Our Proof of Concept program might be the answer

No risk, fully functional Microsoft Teams trial with voice communications!

Microsoft Teams Proof of Concept

Already using Microsoft Office 365 and wondering what Teams can do for your organization? Wonder no longer. Unity can set you up with a fully production ready, voice-enabled Microsoft Teams Proof of Concept solution with up to 15 users for 30 days. We provide SIP Trunking via a Microsoft certified virtual SBC using Direct Routing. Your staff can use Microsoft Teams as their central hub for all communications in a real world trial.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Unity will implement a complete SIP Trunking solution for up to 15 users with a Microsoft Certified  virtual SBC. We will provide project management, training and support so your staff can experience the full capabilities of Microsoft Teams in a true production ready environment. 

Customized virtual SBC

We provide a Customized and Microsoft Certified virtual SBC, sized to run your entire business. 

Headsets for up to 15 Users

To ensure the best voice quality, we provide unified communications class headsets from Jabra. Yours to keep.

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Up to 15 DIDs

For the Proof of Concept, we will provide up to 15 DIDs so your users can make and receive calls.

Training, Support

Our Project team will provide online training and support and our PM will check in weekly.

How do I benefit from migrating to Microsoft Teams?

Lower Overall costs | Improved Security | Simple, Remote Working

Most Microsoft 365 licenses come with Microsoft Teams. By voice enabling Microsoft Teams, you can eliminate your PBX. No need for expensive PBX upgrades or higher monthly PSTN charges.

Microsoft Teams provides chat, video calls, file sharing and editing in a secure environment. So your staff no longer need to use insecure video apps or chat apps to conduct business.

Microsoft 365 is a cloud solution that works on Windows or MAC os, Android or IoS. All you need is a data connection to be working securely from any location.

(Trial users will also require an Office 365 Phone system license.)

The Missing Piece of your Communications Puzzle!

A lot of organizations have migrated to Microsoft 365 to leverage Microsoft Office applications as well as email , calendaring and file sharing. Many are wondering if Microsoft Teams could really be the single communications solution they need. How do you set it up to see how well it will work and prove to senior management and other users it is viable? The only way is through a fully enabled system as a Proof of Concept.

Microsoft Teams does not come with PSTN access out-of-the-box. By Voice-Enabling your Microsoft Team's solution you can finally get rid of all the other communications tools and their ongoing costs. Whether that is your PBX, the associated maintenance contract and monthly trunk costs, online meeting tools (often charged to department credit cards) or the increased mobile phone use when working from home.

Setting up staff to work from home can be complex. This is much simpler with a cloud delivered application. A voice enabled Microsoft Teams solution means your staff can be completely connected  - from anywhere they have a data connection. No complex firewalls, VPNs or working out what devices can support work from home. This can easily be tested during the Proof of Concept trial.

Increased security. Microsoft 365 is built on a secure foundation. Identity and Access Management, Threat Protection and 2-Factor Authentication. Using a single, secure platform for all your communications eliminates the challenge of worrying of one of the many tools could cause a security breach.

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Enrol now - limited spots available!

Frequently Asked Questions

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