Are you spending more time managing technology than your business?

No more. With a cloud solution you can communicate and collaborate anywhere, without worrying about the technology

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Cloud delivered - to save you time

There's no getting around it, we rely on technology to run our businesses, connect with customers, collaborate with colleagues. But there is also nothing more frustrating than taking time away from running the business to manage the technology infrastructure. 

With a cloud solution you no longer spend the time buying hardware, upgrading it, patching it and all the other tasks to take care of it. The cloud provider runs and manages the core infrastructure.

With Microsoft 365 you get the best of all worlds - the infrastructure AND the business applications.

Not only that, Microsoft are continuing to add capabilities that increase the value of the solution including tools to simplify business processes.

Microsoft 365: Your journey to digital transformation

Digital transformation is not about technology but the process of using digital technologies to create and improve business processes, business culture, and customer experiences.

With Microsoft’s 365, we now have a platform that allows organizations to truly realize digital transformation. A platform that provides a single client — Microsoft Teams — to access office applications, communication applications and development tools from any location on any device. Simplifying how we work, making organizations far more productive and efficient.

Businesses no longer need to build, manage and maintain complex infrastructure to take advantage of the latest technologies. With Microsoft 365, organizations can immediately take advantage of business applications - from day one.

Digital Transformation with Microsoft 365

The Modern Workplace: Reimagining the future of work

  • How we work: Collaborate efficiently through a single client 
  • Where we work: Work at home as easily as the office 
  • When we work: Always stay connected even with flexible working hours

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, is cloud delivered business productivity software. You pay a monthly subscription license fee, depending on the level you choose.

Microsoft 365 allows your staff to work from anywhere they have internet access, on any device whether a PC, MacBook, iOS or Android. In fact you can load it onto as many as 5 devices.

Microsoft 365 provides secure access to your favourite Microsoft Apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, plus Access and Publisher. It includes Outlook email & Calendaring with 50Gb mailbox, OneNote as well as the most up to date version of Windows 10.

You can replace external storage tools with 1 TB of OneDrive storage per license. Share files and build intranets using SharePoint. 

Above all your staff can communicate and collaborate using a single client - Microsoft Teams. The fastest growing product in Microsoft's history. 

Microsoft 365 cloud devices apps

Microsoft Teams

Every Microsoft 365 license includes Microsoft Teams - one of its most powerful capabilities. Microsoft Teams brings together all the communication and collaboration capabilities of Microsoft 365,  file sharing and co-editing and more in a single client that works on any device.

Chat, Video calling, sharing, Meeting and even external PSTN calling.

Your hub for productivity. From any location - home, on the road in your office.

We can even help you replace your PBX with Microsoft Teams. Scroll down to learn more.

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Guiding you through the communications wilderness

Turn your Microsoft 365 solution into a true communications and collaboration hub. We use our voice expertise to cost-effectively PSTN enable Microsoft Teams. If you are not already on Microsoft 365 (or Office 365), we can get you started.

Find out why Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing application in Microsoft's history. 

Learn how to bring the full power of Microsoft Teams to your organization.

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Unity SIP365 for Direct Routing

Unity SIP365 is a SIP Trunking service that is designed to work directly with Microsoft Teams. Our SIP Trunking service is anywhere from 30% to 60%+ less expensive than traditional PSTN trunks or Microsoft Calling Plans. 

We use Direct Routing, which was designed by Microsoft to allow 3rd Party Service Providers to bring SIP Trunking to Microsoft Teams through a Microsoft Certified Session Border Controller. This makes Unity SIP365 secure.

With Unity SIP365 in place you can eliminate for your PBX, the ongoing maintenance costs and more expensive monthly PSTN costs. As well getting the full advantage of Microsoft Teams as your single, intelligent communications and hub.

Business Voice for Microsoft 365

One way to make Microsoft Teams the complete communications hub is to replace your phone system or PBX by adding PSTN capability. 

Microsoft have bundled all the Addon licenses to allow complete PSTN calling into a single bundle license called Business Voice for organizations using one of the Business licenses - Basic, Standard or Premium.

Business Voice is approximately one third cheaper than buying the licenses independently. For small organizations this is a great option. Once you are over 50 or even 100 licenses, it would still be a good idea to check out Direct Routing and SIP trunks which could still be a more cost effective option.

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Graceful Migration

Many organizations can't flash cut over all their users. There may be any number of reasons that require an alternative solution to allow both Microsoft Teams and your current PBX environment to co-exist. 

We can custom configure our Session Border Controller to route calls as required, allowing you to determine when an employee adopts Microsoft Teams as their single client for all communications. 

We can help you assess your options; What needs to be considered and whether you are ready to migrate. 

Remote working - the old way

Call Center Solutions

There are significant advantages from having your call center operate within Microsoft Teams even though it doesn't natively support call center functionality. Call centers are used by clients to quickly find answers. While agents may not have all the answers, they are just a fingertip away. Agents can leverage the power of Microsoft teams to quickly source answers from other staff.

With a third party call center solution designed to integrate into Microsoft Teams, organizations can build their next generation call center. 

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Managed Services

We love Microsoft Teams and all of the capabilities it brings to our business. It provides a number of great tools for administrators as well. There are limits to what Microsoft provides as part of the core offer and no end of challenges from users.

Our 'a la carte' Managed Services for Microsoft O365 augment those limited Microsoft capabilities. We can offer Backup & Recovery services for Office 365, Documents and email. We can protect, secure and archive email. We can help protect you against ransomware, zero-day and other attacks.

We've got you covered

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