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Turn your Microsoft O365 solution into a true communications and collaboration hub. We use our voice expertise to cost-effectively voice enable Microsoft Teams. If you are not already on Microsoft O365, we can get you started.

Find out why Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing application in Microsoft's history. 

Learn how to bring the full power of Microsoft Teams to your organization.

What we offer?

Unity SIP365 & Direct routing

Unity SIP365 turns Microsoft Teams into a single communications hub. Unity SIP365 uses Microsoft Direct Routing, a Microsoft developed capability, to integrate PSTN voice into your Microsoft O365 tenant. We use a Microsoft certified Session Border Controller coupled to our Unity SIP Trunking. Unity SIP365 is much lower cost than Microsoft Calling Plans and lets you replace your PBX.

Graceful Migration & Call Forking

Need an option that allows you to migrate to Microsoft Teams at your pace? Then we have you covered. We can custom configure our Unity SIP365 solution to allow both Microsoft Teams and your PBX to operate at the same time. Incoming PSTN calls are routed to your PBX phone, a Teams client or both. Ask us about our Call Forking capabilities.

Call Center

Microsoft doesn't support true call center capability out of the box. Call Centers have special voice calling requirements. From the ability to provide advanced call routing, manage and track agents to providing detailed reporting. But there are third party options available. 

managed services

Wile Microsoft O365 provides a wealth of office productivity tools there are some areas that can be augmented. We can offer longer, more flexible and lower cost backups, managed documents, antivirus, managed mail and endpoint detection and response.

Get the most out of your Microsoft O365 tools through our 'a la carte' Microsoft O365 Managed Services.

Unity SIP365

Unity SIP365 is a SIP Trunking service that is designed to work directly with Microsoft Teams. Our SIP Trunking service is anywhere from 30% to 60%+ less expensive than traditional PSTN trunks or Microsoft Calling Plans. 

We use Direct Routing, which was designed by Microsoft to allow 3rd Party Service Providers to bring SIP Trunking to Microsoft Teams through a Microsoft Certified Session Border Controller. This makes Unity SIP365 secure.

With Unity SIP365 in place you can eliminate for your PBX, the ongoing maintenance costs and more expensive monthly PSTN costs. As well getting the full advantage of Microsoft Teams as your single, intelligent communications and hub.

Graceful Migration

Many organizations can't flash cut over all their users. There may be any number of reasons that require an alternative solution to allow both Microsoft Teams and your current PBX environment to co-exist. 

We can custom configure our Session Border Controller to route calls as required, allowing you to determine when an employee adopts Microsoft Teams as their single client for all communications. 

We can help you assess your options; What needs to be considered and whether you are ready to migrate. 

Call Center Solutions

There are significant advantages from having your call center operate within Microsoft Teams even though it doesn't natively support call center functionality. Call centers are used by clients to quickly find answers. While agents may not have all the answers, they are just a fingertip away. Agents can leverage the power of Microsoft teams to quickly source answers from other staff.

With a third party call center solution designed to integrate into Microsoft Teams, organizations can build their next generation call center. 

Managed Services

We love Microsoft Teams and all of the capabilities it brings to our business. It provides a number of great tools for administrators as well. There are limits to what Microsoft provides as part of the core offer and no end of challenges from users.

Our 'a la carte' Managed Services for Microsoft O365 augment those limited Microsoft capabilities. We can offer Backup & Recovery services for Office 365, Documents and email. We can protect, secure and archive email. We can help protect you against ransomware, zero-day and other attacks.

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